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The Top Interview questions and how to answers

What part of your pervious job didn’t like to do?

Many employers end to assume that people who have held a role for a long time enjoy all aspects of that role but this is rarely the case. You want your candidates to open up about what they didn’t like about their previous job.

Tell me about a time when things didn’t go your way.

This is straight forward question that can tell lot about the candidate’s personality. So how you can answers this question there are three possible answers most of them will come with

  • Blaming others
  • Start Badmouthing a former employers
  • Self- blame.

The person who always blame about other may not succeed. What you should answers if you really come across situation you can mention about the responsibility what you had taken what type of enthusiasm you had put to overcome difficult time. And finally most important question.

Do you have any questions?
For this question most of the come with answers like “No”, but you should take this question’s as an opportunity to understand about the company. This will be helpful in understanding the company. Hope this is useful and all your comments are welcome.